Jewellery that meanders through gold encrusted patterns, Arabic Calligraphy, and a message, is what our collections represent. Nadia’s Collection boasts a range of exclusive Arabic, and Islamic calligraphy jewellery, that seeks to extend the beauty of art far beyond a painting on the wall. Each one of our pieces has a unique message and story to tell, through the use of the inscription ‘Masha Allah’, meaning “May God protect you”, our jewellery provides a message enriched with depth and meaning.



Nadia grew up in the Middle East and travelled around the globe, absorbing knowledge about the different cultures to get her to where she Is today. Coming from a Pakistani background where the heritage of the culture is so strong with colours, luxurious creativity, and ancient art, inspiring Nadia’s Calligraphy Collection this aided her to make her dreams become a reality. After spending her teenage years in Oman, Middle East,


Elma X Nadia

The Roya Collection

This truly is a remarkable and monumental part to Nadia’s Collection. Collaborating with Elma Aveiro, sister of international superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Our vision was to create a beautiful, colourful, and iconic collection of jewellery that infused all cultures and could be worn by all, with the goal in mind to make you feel as beautiful as possible. This collection is named The Roya Collection, Roya is the most beautiful, wonderful, kindest person you will ever meet. She is the definition of beauty and perfection both inside and out.

This collection truly has a show-stopping appearance that will make any woman look and feel like a queen. This collection is not only beautiful, but it also showcases how the Pakistani culture can transcend across all nationalities. Nadia wanted to embrace all cultures in this collection as well as paying homage to her roots.


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